By acknowledging that our culture is based on a commonly held set of values ingrained in the way we think and believe and that our culture becomes visible and measurable through our behaviors and actions, we accept that we are all responsible individually and collectively for our culture.

It is up to each and every one of us to lead the JF Way. 

LIST OF Best Behaviors

How I Work With Customers 

I honor my commitments. 

I solve the customer’s problems 

I keep the customer informed. 

I place the best interest of the customer and the Company above my own 

I focus intently on customer satisfaction. 



How I Work With Colleagues 

I show respect for all persons. 

I make sure that the message sent equals the message received. I check for understanding. 

I consider all perspectives when making a decision. 

I deescalate conflict. 

I listen generously. 

I promote teamwork. 

I speak straight 

I either set clear expectations or make sure 

I understand the clear expectations. 

I bring creative ideas to the discussion. 

How I Do My Job 

I never compromise on Safety. 

I am organized. 

I am punctual. 

I do what it takes to get the job done! 

I deliver results. 

I do things right, the first time. 

I am a fanatic about response times and following up. 

I take ownership and follow to completion on every action that comes to me. 

I do not assume someone handled it just because I forwarded a message. 

I focus on solving problems without assigning blame. 



How I Express My Attitude

I demonstrate a strong desire to succeed. 

I do not give up in the face of adversity. 

I keep things positive. 

I set and work to a “personal best” standard. 

I advocate change and I embrace change. 

I always speak truthfully and with transparency 

I take responsibility for my mistakes and encourage others to do the same.

Recognize Someone Who Leads The JF Way. 

After reading each behavior, try to picture a person you know that you have worked with that is a role model for excellence in that particular best behavior. If you have any great stories to share about coworkers you have spotted doing things the JF Petroleum Group Way, share them! 

Please send your stories over to Keith Shadrick!