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We offer a competitive salary and benefits.


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"The best part about working at JF Petroleum Group is connecting with the people. Whether its co-workers that I work with each day or the customers that I have had the opportunity to serve, it is the personal interaction and building of relationships that makes each day unique. Ultimately we are an organization of people aiming to serve other people in the industry. If we can continue to invest in our workforce and leverage it as our single most valuable asset, then I truly believe we will be poised for even greater success as a company."

- Jonathan Pernicano, E-Commerce Sales Manager

"What I like most about my position at JF Petroleum Group is that every day, I am doing something different. It never gets boring or repetitive, and it is always presenting new challenges. I like to take on jobs and projects that I haven't done before to gain more experience. Luckily, my service manager and lead tech allow me to do so."

- David Deyo, Service Technician