With periodic calibrations and maintenance, you can ensure your fuel meter remains accurate. Our team can calibrate, optimize and maintain your meter accuracy and minimize fuel loss for every transaction, keeping your business running efficiently.


Inaccurate meters can cause thousands of dollars in lost profits each year, even when they are within the nationally accepted tolerance.

If you have a meter off by just one cubic inch per 5 gallons, you give away almost one gallon (.8658) per one thousand gallons pumped. If you were to pump 50,000 gallons per month through this meter, you give away 43.29 gallons every month. Now, a meter that is off by 6 cubic inches (the allowable tolerance in most states) would give away almost 260 gallons per 50,000 gallons dispensed. That is profit being pumped away!

How Much Fuel Are You Giving Away

How Much Fuel Are You Giving Away?
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How did we calculate this? Here is the formula:
Gallons Sold Per Month (in thousands)
.8658 (average lost per 1,000 gallons pumped at 1 cubic inch per 5 gallons)
= Gallons Pumped Away
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How Much Money Are You Losing

The Bottom Line

If you’re not calibrating your meters, you’re giving away fuel.

Flow meters measure the amount of fuel being dispensed. Over time, these meters naturally wear down and allow more fuel to flow through the meter. Even though most sites pass the tolerance range through yearly inspections, there can still be large amounts of fuel slipping through undetected, resulting in massive profit losses!


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