New Diesel Exhaust Fluid System for North Charleston Public Works


Project Overview

North Charleston Public Works had a need for a new consolidated facility with a fuel center. Jones & Frank proposed a turnkey fueling solution and subsequently furnished and installed a Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) system as part of a complete vehicle fueling facility system installation. The DEF system consisted of a pre-fabricated, 1,000 gallon secondarily-contained Blue1 USA Diesel Exhaust System. Jones & Frank ran underground piping to a Gasboy DEF Dispenser. There are 3 fueling islands with 7 Gasboy dispensers and a total of 13 fueling hoses allowing for multiple lanes of simultaneous fueling activities. All the Gasboy dispensers are connected to a Gasboy Fuel Management system, consisting of 2 Island readers. The Gasboy Fuel Management system utilized is a passive system, using OBD & wireless technology.

This project utilized industry leading products and state of the art technology. Underground double wall Fiberglass tanks for gasoline and diesel and fiberglass piping were installed at this location, along with a Veeder Root Tank Monitoring System, which monitors both the fuel tanks and the Blue 1 DEF tank system.

This Jones & Frank fuel system solution successfully enabled the North Charleston Public Works fleet to use their new fueling system facility with comfort and dependability.

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