New Emergency Power Fuel System – Confidential Client


Common Jones & Frank fuel system solutions typically revolve around a mission critical emergency power fuel system need, whether it’s large or small scale. If it’s a confidential project, it starts out with a Non-Disclosure Agreement, then progresses like a non-confidential project. This leads into application and collaborative engagement which can include design-assist, design-build, budget and pre-construction services. Usually this progresses to coordination meetings, submittals, BIM, equipment procurement, process and construction meetings and system installation. The process ends with start-up, multi-level commissioning, training and Preventive Maintenance and on-going services.

Confidential projects are routine for Jones & Frank. We have performed – simultaneously – numerous large scale multi-million dollar projects nationally. We excel at small and large scale emergency power fuel systems. Large scale projects typically involve complex, technically sophisticated controls systems. We have provided and installed some of the largest systems in the country.

We are unable to disclose details on confidential projects, but whether the project is confidential or not, our projects successfully result in the safe storage, distribution, monitoring and controlling of fuel systems. Our turnkey emergency power fuel system solutions provide clients with reliability and peace of mind.

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