Allow Express Lane self-checkout to keep business moving!

October 6, 2022 | By: Paul Slack

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Labor Shortages

Combating labors shortages for retailers has been one of the most pressing issues as things get back to the new normal in 2022. The great resignation continues to hinder convenience store operators. Today, employee coverage for a shift is just as much of a concern as keeping the shelves stocked, maintaining a clean, inviting store & the 50 other best practices Convenience stores impart to serve the public - especially their loyal customers.

What would the perfect employee look like to most? Would it be a relentless worker, always even keeled and ready to serve the 10,000th customer the same way it served the 1st? Would it be an employee who never called out sick, never had to pick the kids up from school, was never in a bad mood and had one goal….checking out your customers efficiently?

There are a myriad of traits and skills that retailers could call out as they harkened back to the best people and teams that made running their business easier, while keeping their stores operating efficiently. There’s no substitution for a warm smile and genuine greeting customers enjoy when frequenting their local convenience stores, but there is a way to enhance the “convenience” in convenience store. A line buster that always shows up ready, a checkout option to combat the busy morning and evening rush, a steadfast partner to help keep transactions moving.

Labor Shortages-03
Labor Shortages-04

There’s no replacement for all the wonderful employees that make your convenience stores unique and welcoming, but there is a solution to allow them to provide your loyal customers with a higher level of service and interaction.  A solution which enables the cashier to get out from behind the counter and take service to another level is a win for the employee, the customer and you.


Paul Slack

Director of National Sales and Technology

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