Gilbarco Passport Point of Sale customers with PX51 and/or PX52 hardware can Trade-Up existing hardware to the PX60 All-in-One platform. You can now purchase a new Passport PX60 All-in-One terminal at a discounted price by agreeing to return your current like-for-like Passport terminal (Server, Combo, or Client).

The Passport PX60 All-in-One packs full-size power into a sleek, simple countertop unit. It provides a bigger, more durable screen, record-breaking response times and lightning-fast data imports. And there’s no under counter PC to take up space and add complexity. With fewer cables, Passport PX60 is an attractive package that offers a lot more power in a lot less space. Additionally, you will enjoy a better-looking counter area, more space to sell, a simpler install and faster transactions.

• 13x more powerful processor
• 1 year parts warranty
• Easier serviceability
• Improved EMV network compatibility
• Financing Options Also Available
• In-stock and available for immediate installation

Frequently Asked Questions
Can I install the Trade-Up system at the same time I upgrade my site to Passport v11 for EMV?
Yes. Upgrading to the PX60 at the same time as the EMV upgrade results in an overall reduced installation time for the EMV upgrade.

My site is not under a PSO agreement. What do I need to do?
The PX60 platform requires Passport software version 10 or higher. In order to obtain software updates, your site must have a software maintenance agreement with Gilbarco. Please contact us for more information.
My site has PSO coverage today. Will it continue to have PSO with the new system?
Yes. If the site presently has PSO, Gilbarco will transfer your existing PSO agreement to the new PX60 hardware.
What happens to the other peripherals when the Core is returned?
Existing peripherals will be reused when the Passport PX60 is installed.
How soon can my upgraded system be installed?
We have systems in-stock and available for immediate installation in most cases.

Additional items may be needed depending on site configuration and current Passport software version installed. Please contact us for a complete estimate.

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