RETAIL Fueling

JF Petroleum Group provides all the products and services for your fuel handling needs. We have a broad service capability, large number of product lines and a professionally trained, experienced staff ready to assist all of your fuel equipment needs


Our mission is to demonstrate leadership and professionalism in everything we do. We work with you to make sure your needs are met and expectations are exceeded.

We provide over 3,000 industry-leading products and represent more than 200 top suppliers, including Gilbarco, Verifone, OPW, and Franklin Fueling Systems. Our huge selection will ensure that you receive the best products for your company.

Fuel Dispensers

The JF Petroleum Group is proud to be the largest North American distributor of Gilbarco dispensers and products. Gilbarco retail fuel dispensers drive customers from the fuel forecourt to the merchandise inside your store.

POS Systems

The point of sale system is the hub of your operation. An integrated POS system is critical to the efficiency and profitability of your convenience store. Our experienced sales team can help you determine what features are most important to your business.

UST Fuel Systems

The infrastructure of your piping and tanks can make all the difference. We offer every component of underground storage tank systems. From the tanks themselves to the monitoring systems, our product lines can fulfill your needs.


Proper lighting is essential to the success of your business. We have an extensive lighting selection, from the interior of your business to the canopy of your convenience store.


Equipped to upgrade your current point-of-sale system to be EMV friendly, or install a new system with EMV capabilities. Transactions with EMV provide the safest digital purchasing experience possible.


Electrical Services and Alternative Energy Systems for a wide variety of applications.We are looking forward to providing our customers with the same professional knowledge and industry expertise across a wide range of product lines and service offerings.


JF Petroleum Group’s comprehensive service offering for retail clients ensures you get an expert partner who will be with you every step of the way. We provide the means to carry out a project from start to finish, and handle any additional maintenance.
Jones & Frank


In addition to the products listed above, we distribute dozens of other products for your fuel handling needs. From piping to air systems, we’ve got you covered.

• Overfill/Spill Prevention

• Piping

• Submersible Pumps

• Security

• Back Office

• Vapor Recovery

• Power Management

• Pipes

• Fittings

• Scanning

• Leak Detection Systems

• Hoses

• Nozzles

• Fittings

• Lubrication & Air Systems

• Above-Ground Tanks

• Underground Tanks

• Oil-Water Separators

• Containment Equipment


Whether you’re looking to upgrade your current facility or build a new one, we are equipped to handle projects of all sizes. All of our team members are professionally trained and specialize in the services they offer.


We pride ourselves on being the national leader while keeping a strong local presence. Our partners can expect a customer-centric approach centered on adding value to the distribution, construction, service, training, and technology solutions we provide.